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This mechanism enables the wheel to turn while the driving axle or stub shaft remains fixed. This clutch gives two important benefits. First it allows me to adjust all the wheels on a vehicle so that the apertures are similarly oriented. This is desirable because when the claws 14 extend from wheels positioned opposite one another, corresponding claws from each wheel will grasp an object in front of or below the wheels at the same time. The clutch mechanism also permits a child to manually turn the wheel when no driving power is applied.

This prevents a child from damaging the wheel or the vehicle if he tries to manually turn the wheel. Because a child is likely to want to see the claws while the vehicle is stopped, there is a tendency for children to try to turn my wheel manually. Both preferred embodiments have a similar clutch mechanism. Let us first refer to FIGS. The clutch mechanism 50 is comprised of a clutch hub 52 having an aperture 51 through which an axle 1 partially shown in chain line may pass.

Preferably, aperture 51 is sized so that axle 1 may freely turn within the hub In this embodiment the axle 1 is used merely to align the components. No power is applied to the axle. Extending from the body of clutch 50 are a plurality of arms 54, each having a tooth 55 at its distal end.

A circle of mating teeth 56 FIG. These teeth are sized and positioned so as to mate with teeth 55 of the clutch Clutch hub 52 contains a slot 53 into which tabs 82 on wheel shaft 84 fit. The stub shaft 84 is driven by the vehicle's drive train which has a gear not shown that meshes with crown gear 86 on the end of wheel shaft Spindle 10 fits over and freely rotates around the body of clutch hub To keep teeth 55 and 56 engaged, spacer 58 is provided.

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I prefer to attach spacer 58 to clutch hub 52 so that clutch arms 54 are in tension thereby keeping teeth 55 and 56 engaged. When wheel shaft 84 is driven, clutch 50 will turn. Because teeth 55 and 56 are engaged, spindle 10 will turn when clutch 50 turns. When no power is applied to the stub shaft 84, it will not turn. Since clutch 50 interlocks with stub shaft 84 through tabs 82 and slot 53, clutch 50 also will not turn. Should someone try to rotate the wheel body, stops 27 will abut claws 14 and exert force on the spindle Without a clutch it is possible that sufficient force could be applied to break stops The clutch 50 allows spindle 10 to rotate in either direction while wheel shaft 84 stays in a fixed position.

Consequently, one cannot break stops 27 by turning the wheel body In the second preferred embodiment shown in FIGS. In these figures like parts have the same reference number given the parts in the first embodiment plus Axle is driven by the vehicle's drive system and functions like wheel shaft 84 of the first embodiment. The clutch will rotate when the axle is turned. A plurality of arms extend from the clutch hub A tooth is provided at the end of each arm A spacer is attached to axle Clutch and spacer are sized and positioned so as to maintain teeth in engagement with teeth on spindle A second spacer attached to body keeps spindle aligned so that claws attached to the spindle may extend through apertures Despite the structural differences between the two embodiments here illustrated, the clutch mechanism operates the same way in both embodiments.

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The second preferred embodiment contains a single cup-shaped wheel body to which a disk-like cover is attached. The same tire 30 can be used in both embodiments. Stops are provided in the body to restrict movement of claws These claws are sized to fit through apertures in body and apertures 33 in tire A spring positioned in channel of cover extends from post on cover to post on spindle The operation of the wheels can best be understood by referring to FIGS.

First, it should be recognized that spindle will rotate when the axle turns. Thus, whenever axle is rotated spindle will turn in the same direction and at the same speed as the axle.

On the other hand, wheel body with attached cover and tire are not firmly attached to axle If spring is not connected the wheel body will rotate freely. Spring extends from post on cover to post on spindle Rotation of the axle and attached spindle will cause spring to stretch and to pull cover and attached wheel body along with the turning spindle.

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Thus, when axle is driven the wheel body will turn at the same rate as the axle and spindle. Under those circumstances claws will remain nested inside of the wheel as shown in FIG. If the wheel strikes an object or other force acts on the wheel to prevent the wheel body from turning, axle and spindle will continue to turn until spring is fully extended or until a stop means , provided on the interior of wheel body , prevents spindle from turning as shown in FIG.

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You cannot control the monster directly. Evolved Hunting Actions Your arsenal of available actions has been greatly expanded with new moves and slinger combos, for a more polished hunting experience! Watch Video: The Clutch Claw.

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Great Sword. Long Sword. Dual Blades. Hunting Horn.

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Once attached, you can do certain things:. Weapons like the Dual Blades can also add the clutch claw into a combo allowing them to use it more easily. One specific mod shown in the developer update video involves the light bowgun, which should please gunners. More: Kjarr Blitz Thunder builds vs. AT Kulve Taroth, other monsters.

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This specific mod allows hunters to automatically reload their weapon after doing two evades. At its lowest level, this particular custom mod will let you reload one round after two evades.

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Equip more of the mods, however, and you can reload even more shells at one time, allowing you to attack more aggressively.