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Life spans are half or less of those in the full-AI zones. Some of them are hackers, members of powerful gangs who steal proprietary algorithms from AI systems, then dash back over the border before security forces can find them. Others are smugglers bringing medicine to religious families who want to live away from AI, but also want to save their children from leukemia.

But you never know. But the most unanticipated result of the singularity may be a population imbalance, driven by low birth rates Futurists tend to roll their eyes when you ask about sex bots. It may be that the new technologies will draw enough crossers to the full-AI side to even up the numbers, or that test-tube babies will become the norm among those living with AI. Imagine that, in , AIs help run nation-states. The biggest surprise in reporting this piece, hands down, was the role AI might play in governance.

That may be more positive than curing diseases—saving us before we blow ourselves up. In just a few years, citizens have grown to trust AIs to advise their leaders on the best path for the economy, the right number of soldiers to defend them. Treaties are negotiated by AIs trained on diplomatic data sets. Each police station in Lagos or Kuala Lumpur has its own lie-detector AI that is completely infallible, making crooked cops a thing of the past.

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Rather than evolving into the dreaded Skynet of the Terminator movies, superintelligent machines are friendly and curious about us As I learned about AI, the doomsday predictions piled up. Nanobot attacks! Gray goo! But most of the people working in the field were skeptical of such doomsday predictions. But imagine that you are the citizen of a totalitarian country like North Korea.

As such, you are deeply versed in the dark side of AI. Camps for political prisoners are a thing of the past.

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Physical confinement is beside the point. The police already know your criminal history, your DNA makeup and your sexual preferences. Surveillance drones can track your every move. Your Soulband records every conversation you have, as well as your biometric response to anti-government ads it flashes across your video screen at unexpected moments, purely as a test. Privacy died around Fake video is just around the corner, and fake superintelligent video is going to be a nightmare. The calls you receive could be your Aunt Jackie phoning to chat about the weather or a state bot wanting to plumb your true thoughts about the Great Leader.


Meanwhile, the rulers earn billions by leasing the data from the ems to Chinese AI companies, who believe the information is coming from real people. Or, finally, imagine this: The AI the regime has trained to eliminate any threat to their rule has taken the final step and recommissioned the leaders themselves, keeping only their ems for contact with the outside world.

It would make a certain kind of sense: To an AI trained to liquidate all resistance If you want to confront the dark side of AI, you must talk to Nick Bostrom, whose best-selling Superintelligence is a rigorous look at several, often dystopian visions of the next few centuries. To an AI, we may just look like a collection of repurposable atoms. So unless there is some countervailing reason, one might expect it to disassemble us. Despite that last scenario, by the time I finished my final interview, I was jazzed.

That kind of high is contagious.

Did I want to live to be ? Did I want brain cancer to become a thing of the past? What do you think? Would I vote for an AI-assisted president?

I slept slightly better, too, because what many researchers will tell you is that the heaven-or-hell scenarios are like winning a Powerball jackpot. Extremely unlikely. AI is a tool, like fire or language. But fire, of course, is stupid. Design, however, will matter. Every single time. We were asked, nuclear bombs or no nuclear bombs, and we went with Choice A. That will be a good thing, probably, or even a wonderful thing. Of course, just by publishing these words, we guarantee that the AIs will know about such a possibility. Sorry, Elon. I worry about humans who have nothing left to do in the universe except play awesome video games.

And who know it. This article is a selection from the April issue of Smithsonian magazine. Continue or Give a Gift.

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To trust computer decisions, ethical or otherwise, people need to know how an AI system arrives at its conclusions and recommendations. Right now, deep learning does poorly in this regard, but some AI systems can serve up the passages from text documents in their knowledge bases from which they drew their conclusions. The AI experts agree, however, that this is simply not enough. At that point, we'll gain a more significant level of trust in the technology. AI application developers must also be transparent about what the system is doing as it interacts with us.

Is it gathering information about us from various places? And, the experts say, people should have the ability to turn some of these functions off whenever they like. From a privacy point of view, I think it will always be a tradeoff between utility and privacy and that each user should be able to make that choice for themselves. Another effective way to provide transparency is through education.

And, perhaps most significantly, a lack of clarity over which jobs AI might impact breeds an additional level of distrust in the technology. In most job areas, the experts contend that human input will still be required and will often provide the most valuable component. Where jobs do experience disruption, many technology veterans say history provides examples of how technology often breeds new, unimaginable jobs.

The jobs that replaced them were unimaginable to those farmers years ago—their descendants became web designers, mortgage brokers. We know how to retrain people en mass. The market cannot do it alone. It needs government, too. And we should start teaching it in our schools—the essential techno-literary skills of learning how to learn, learning how to relearn and becoming a lifelong learner. Collaborating for responsible advancement of AI. The societal benefits and implications of AI are enormous. Perceptions and novel beliefs and theories can be illusory.

Having more than one intelligent entity consider the same basic facts and reasoning increases the probability that any flaws in perception or reasoning can be overcome. No guarantee, but less risk. In science they call this peer review. The downside for AI is that two AI systems with the same software and training will likely agree and are unlikely to bring anything new to the table from what they can do alone.

The real potential for consensus with AI comes when distinct AI systems go through independent training and learning such that there is real diversity in their knowledge bases. Knowledge is an abstract construct, devoid of any material existence. Yes, we can write, speak, record, perform, illustrate, and play various forms of knowledge, but these are artifacts or representations of the knowledge rather than the knowledge itself.

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An AI system must work with these artifacts of knowledge, reverse engineering them to deduce or infer the knowledge they contain. Similarly, an AI system must transform knowledge into representations or artifacts in order to communicate with the real world. Knowledge is the heart of the matter, both for AI and human intelligence.