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There were many other similarities. Gray eyes and blondish hair amongst the Indians was noted for centuries. Gray eyes and light hair is found in Croatia in great numbers and not found in any other Mediterranean people.

Research should be done at Istanbul, Turkey to determine the names of those "Turks" returned by the English from the Lost Colony. DNA and blood testing is now being conducted, but is not considering Croatians or Croatia and Bosnia. Eterovich America was being colonized by the English in at Croatoan-Roanoke on the Atlantic coast in the Carolinas. Levantine Mariners In Menendez de Aviles, the new governor of Florida, wiped out a colony of French Huguenots trying to settle near present-day Jacksonville.

Is Ottorasko-Hrvatsko Croatia? Books Available: Eterovich, Adam S. San Carlos: Ragusan Press. The first English colony in America. Send check to Adam S. Eterovich, San Carlos Ave. Phone E-Mail croatians aol.

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San Carlos: Ragusan Press, Soft Cover. Make check to Adam S. Included are the saloons, coffee saloons, and restaurants.

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All pioneers are listed in an extensive Index. Eterovich, Adam S. A Guide to Croatian Genealogy. San Carlos, Calif.

Includes Maps, Translations, Archives. Spiral Bound. An index and guide to the Nobility of Croatia. Thanks for reading and if you want to learn more about the rich history of the OBX, be sure to check out our Outer Banks history section on our blog!

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Check Availability. On Sale Properties. John White, who developed maps showing both Croatoan and Roanoke, wrote the following in "I greatly joyed that I had safely found a certain token of their safe being at Croatoan, which is the place where Manteo was born, and the savages ofthe islan d our friends. Croatoan has been found in several other mysterious places. Located nearby is a site that archaeologists believe might have been a small Native American town, Mettaquem.

The Lost Colony of Popham

After the Roanoke colony met its end, English settlers eventually came south from Virginia into North Carolina, but the first recorded settler in the area did not arrive until about But the recently uncovered pottery is in a style called Border Ware, which is typical of the pottery dug up on Roanoke Island, as well as at Jamestown, but was no longer imported to the New World after the early 17th century, when the Virginia Company dissolved.

In addition to the Border Ware pottery, archaeologists at Site X discovered various other items, including a food-storage jar known as a baluster, pieces of early gun flintlocks, a metal hook of the sort used to stretch animal hides or tents and an aglet, a small copper tube used to secure wool fibers before the advent of the hook and eye in the 17th century. Archaeologists on both teams are hoping that a detailed study of their new finds will yield more clues, and—of course—that more evidence remains, waiting to be discovered, in the endless layers of dirt that surround them.

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Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. This Day In History. Ongoing excavations at two sites in North Carolina have yielded new clues about what may have happened to the English settlers who vanished from Roanoke Island around