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Moreover, the primary focus of IST as a discipline is broadening the science of information processing, management, and dissemination. In recent years, the IST revolution has globally impacted all aspects of life at the individual, organizational, and societal level.

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In many ways, IST has been the principal driving force behind the second industrial revolution, known as the digital revolution. The expansion of IST as a science, like other scientific fields, such as medicine, has created a new language filled with terminologies, key words, and acronyms unique to IST and its specific disciplines. Furthermore, the sheer volume of ongoing discoveries of new technologies and applications, as well as transpiring research findings, continue to expand the list of terminology associated with the field of IST.

Because of these incessant advancements, it is nearly impossible to maintain an understanding of the jargon related to IST and its peripheral domains of study without comprehending its emerging technological vernacular. Perhaps the most challenging task related to the compilation of a dictionary for such a young field of science, is the fact that there is no single or standard definition in existence for each element of the vocabulary. Instead, individual researchers have formed distinctive descriptions of the terminology, providing a much more meaningful and broader understanding of each term.

To achieve this goal, all attempts were made to supply the user of this dictionary with the most inclusive definition used to describe every term, and not just a singular definition designated by the editor. An exhibition of numerous language contributions from different researchers have been listed for each of the terms, allowing the user to be exposed to different angles of each definition in hopes that the user will form a much broader understanding of the vocabulary that is specific to IST.

This dictionary is divided into two sections. The first section lists all terms and acronyms in alphabetical order.

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The second section includes the complete reference information, also organized in alphabetical order and formatted to comply with American Psychological Association APA recommended style guidelines. Although one might notice a wide range of definitions for various terms, it is our opinion that it is much more helpful to provide an expansive list of definitions rather than limit the meaning to a singular description. Furthermore, to defuse any inaccuracy in the definitions obtained from different sources, it was decided to provide the most complete meaning as possible, allowing for any confusion that may result from the descriptions to be dealt with in light of other explanations.

The two-volume Dictionary of Information Science and Technology is the premier comprehensive resource composed of the latest terms and definitions related to all aspects of the information science and technology field.

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This complete and timely reference collection of over 13, definitions for more than 11, terms and acronyms will provide researchers, practitioners, educators and students with the most accurate and current knowledge available of prevalent key words in the ever-expanding world of IST. The Dictionary of Information Science and Technology will prove to be a valuable and essential reference publication for libraries and individuals worldwide. This database will be updated on a regular basis with new terms, acronyms, and their definitions, and will provide coverage of all new and emerging terminologies and their definitions as they materialize.

Citation Information about a book, journal article, or other source; it includes all of the information needed to identify this source, such as author, title, publication information, date, and page numbers. Different disciplines require different citation styles; see the appropriate style manual for more information. The Citing Sources guide also has examples of how to cite using different citation styles. Classification A system for arranging library materials in a logical order according to subject or form. Collection a A group of library or archival materials, sometimes on a single subject or related subjects.

Consultation Research consultations provide Davidson students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to meet individually or in small groups with a librarian to discuss strategies and information sources for research projects, class assignments, papers, presentations, honors theses, and more. The librarians offer both drop-in consultations and scheduled appointments. Meetings usually last thirty minutes to an hour. To request a consultation, use the Research Consultation Request Form.

Controlled Vocabulary A set of terms that have been carefully selected in order to avoid having multiple terms for the same subject; indexers often use a controlled vocabulary when they assign subject headings or descriptors to articles or books. A controlled vocabulary "controls" synonyms and is thus a powerful tool to use when searching databases. Copyright Copyright is a set of rights that protects the works of authors, artists, composers, and others from being used by other people without permission.

This intellectual property protection is articulated in the United States Constitution and ensure by Title 17 of the U. Understanding copyright is important so that you can use materials legally and avoid violating federal law and Davidson College's Compliance with Laws and Acts. For more information about copyright, see the Library's copyright guide. Council of Science Editors Style Used by students and researchers in the sciences. Course Reserves Books, articles, videos, sound recordings, and other materials selected by a professor for use by a class.

Some reserves are in electronic form and are accessible through a Moodle course page; other materials, such as books and videos, are kept in the reserves section of the Information Desk. Database A system that organizes and arranges data into fields and provides the means to sort, group, and retrieve information from those fields.

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Most databases can be searched by fields like author, title of article and publication, and date. Some databases cover many disciplines and others cover only one subject area. For a list of Davidson databases, see the Research Guides. It also allows users to search for these materials in libraries worldwide in order to find items to interlibrary loan. Davidsoniana Room Home to several thousand volumes by and about Davidson alumni and faculty.


Housed on the second floor of the E. Descriptor See the entry for subject heading. Dewey call numbers typically have three whole numbers followed by decimal numbers. The Dewey section of the Library is located on the second floor. Document Delivery A service which allows users to request an electronic copy of an article that the Library has in print or microform. Submit a request using ILLiad. Durable URL Provides consistent access to a website, even if the site's address changes with hardware or file re-configurations.

For more information, see our Linking to Full Text Resources guide. To see a tutorial on finding e-books in Davidson Library WorldCat, click here. Many of the e-books can be downloaded. See our guide to ebrary for more information. Ebsco eBook Academic Collection A database with over , e-books in a wide variety of subject areas. See instructions on downloading ebooks to a desktop computer and downloading to an iPad. Editor A person who prepares other people's work for publication.

This may include selection of articles or chapters for books and may involve making considerable revisions, translations, or contributions to the finished publication. Endnote A note or reference at the end of a text or section. See the entry for citation. Users can search for terms in an online catalog or database using specified fields. Field names and the information contained within them can vary in databases; always check the "Help" screens or ask a librarian. Fines Library patrons recieve fines for overdue items and lost materials. For more information about library fines, click here.

Folio a A printing size in which each sheet of paper is folded only once after printing.

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Usually, this results in a large in terms of height and depth volume. Footnote A note or reference at the bottom of the page. Full Text The complete text of an article, book, or other item. Government documents may include books and serials.

The Davidson College Library is a selective federal depository library and receives a large number of publications issued by the federal government. The print collection is housed on the ground floor call numbers Ju-Y and census material and second floor call numbers A-J of the library, and items are arranged by SUDOC, or Superintendent of Documents Number, a special type of call number. For more information on government information in the Library, see the Federal Depository Collection page.

Guide An online aid that may include information about research, resources, library or archive holdings, or tutorials. Guides are located in the Research Guides. Holdings Information about the books, journals, newspapers, and magazines owned by the Library. ILL See the entry for interlibrary loan.

Index a A list of the major topics, places, and people discussed in a book or other source. The index often appears at the end of a book and usually directs readers to relevant page numbers. Indexes differ from each other in scope, content some contain full-text; some don't , and years of coverage.

Indexes may include information about publications that aren't available at Davidson. The library has a wide variety of print and online indexes. Information Desk Located just inside the front door of the E. Little Library, this is the site for getting reference help and for checking out library materials.

Glossary of Library and Information Science

Look for the green "Research Help" and blue "Check Out" flags. Information Desk Assistant Davidson Library student employee who sits at the Information Desk and assists with checking out books, handling fines, and shelving library materials. Information Literacy The competencies and skills that students need to locate, retrieve, evaluate, analyze, and use information. These competencies are developed over time and are essential for lifelong learning. Little Library. Also known as the fishbowl.

Interlibrary Loan A library service that allows users to borrow or obtain copies of materials from other libraries. If the Davidson College Library does not have the book or article you need, simply request the item using ILLiad , our interlibrary loan system. We'll get the material for you - at no charge to you - and will let you know when it is available.