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The interactions among the gymnasts, parents, coaches, friends, judges, and to a certain extent, audiences, mirror the best and worst of this highly competitive sport. There are multiple surprises in the book and the voices of the five narrators do not necessarily reflect the final Olympic team. A glossary of gymnastic terms at the end of the book is useful, especially for readers unfamiliar the terminology of the sport. Cass, Kiera. The siren.

Best Bedtime Stories for Preschoolers

Originally published in , The Siren was Cass's first novel. She went on to write the incredibly popular The Selection series, and with renewed interest in the author, Cass has rewritten and republished The Siren. Kathlen made a deal with the Ocean at the point of drowning- be saved from death in exchange for years of service as an ageless siren.

Although she is unable to speak to humans without killing, Kathlen falls in love with a human man, Akinli. What seems to be a doomed relationship has a surprising ending. There are distinct echoes of The Little Mermaid in this story, and the writing isn't excellent, but fans of Cass's Selection series might enjoy reading this standalone romance. In this book, children learn about foreigners who move to the United States. The author does a nice job of explaining the complex process of becoming a United States citizen. This book is written in English and Spanish and would be great for language learners.

Constantine, Robin. The season of you and me. This summer romance features two characters struggling with two different issues. Cassidy's boyfriend broke up with her unexpectedly, so Cassidy leaves town for the summer to work as a camp counselor. She meets Bryan, who has recently been paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. While Bryan mourns all the things he can't do and adjusts to his new situation, Cassidy comes to terms with her break-up.

Amidst all of these struggles, the two come together. The story doesn't shy from real struggles for its characters, but the tone stays light and summery throughout, making this a sweet summer read for teen romance fans.

Cook, Eileen. With malice. Readers, 14 and older, who enjoy psychological thrillers, will enjoy this story.

Bookworm for Kids: Ages

Told from the perspective of 18 — year old Jill Charron, with intermittent blogs, messages, newspaper and police reports, readers get a minds-eye view of complex and often sinister relationships among family, friends, police, school personnel and others, including a tour guide. Jill has amnesia, caused by a car accident in Italy and while she cannot remember the trip to Italy or the crash, she is told her best friend, Simone died of injuries suffered in the crash. Cottam, Erica. This impressive, extensively researched history of the Hubbell Trading posts and the John Lorenzo Hubbell family in the southwest is engaging.

JL Hubbell was not the first trader among the Navajo, but he is one of the more colorful and famous. Readers will discover JL was more than a trader; he also enjoyed politics and was one of the instrumental advocates of Arizona Statehood. His life and interactions with friends, family, and Navajo are clearly, fairly, and accurately shared in this substantive text about a difficult, challenging era in US American history.

Cregg, R.

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Batman strikes back. Illustrated by Patrick Spaziante. Based on the screenplay by Heath Corson.

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Batman created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. Readers, ages 4 — 8, will readily recognize the theme of good v. Penguin, also known as Oswald Cobblepot and his robotics. Because the book is affordable, fans will want to collect all of the Batman books. Crossan, Sarah. HarperCollins Publishers Greenwillow Books. Tippi and Grace are conjoined twins, about to start high school for the first time.

Everyone comments how hard it must be to be joined together, but they can't imagine life apart. The twins also have plenty of other things to worry about - parents losing their jobs, their younger sister's eating disorder, and for Grace, falling in love. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Grace develops a heart condition that forces the sisters to make an unthinkable decision - should they stay together and die or separate and try to live? The story is written in verse and told from Grace's perspective.

It's a fast read, but one which takes readers on an emotional journey through joy, desolation, and anxiety, and the story will stay with them long after they are through reading.

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Cushman, Karen. Her quest is challenging, and one member is a silent, but deadly nemesis. Friendship, cooperation, loyalty, and perseverance, are dominant themes complemented with humorous situations and characterizations of friends and foes. Davis, John W.

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  3. On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery?
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  5. Limulus in the Limelight: A Species 350 Million Years in the Making and in Peril?;
  6. Danny and Life on Bluff Point - Book 6: The Conflict.
  7. The trial of Tom Horn. This account of the trial of Tom Horn, an accused murderer of a fourteen-year-old boy, Willie Nickell, is considered to be the only full-length description of the controversial trial. The author, John Davis, is a lawyer, an authentic communicator and analyzer of the events occurring during this society-changing trial. The book begins with the first chapter focusing on the killing of Willie Nickell and the events occurring directly after his horrific murder. Nickell was a well-behaved farm boy unexpectedly shot from far away, and the murderer is originally unknown to the reader.

    The author then leads the reader in the discovery and conviction of the murder, later identified as Tom Horn, by featuring each chapter with a key event that happened in convicting a murderer for the crime. Davis includes testimonies of those involved in the trial in order to support the validity of the account, such as the questioning of a witness who talked with Horn before the murder occurred.

    This informative book not only discusses the trial of Tom Horn, but also talks about his image seen by those living in Wyoming during the early twentieth century. The group of influential cattlemen had hired murderers to protect their property, which meant that Tom Horn was not expected to be convicted because of their impressive defense team.

    After the jury found Horn guilty of murder, the system of law of the Wild West, specifically Wyoming, changed. This account documents the change in vigilantism and the struggle of power that occurred in Wyoming between the wealthy and the working citizens. Davis also includes images related to the trial, such as a picture of Tom Horn being escorted to jail, which helps the reader place themselves in the time period and relate to the setting and experiences of those involved in the trial.

    This book features dense factual evidence, such as quotations from reports of the trial, which young readers will have difficulty comprehending. Younger readers will also have difficulty following the footnotes that are featured in order to support the research presented by the author. Older students and adults will thoroughly enjoy this informative and detailed account of one of the most significant trials of the Wild West.

    Ten Children’s Books for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

    Deem, James M. The prisoners of Breendonk. Photography by Lenn Nolis.