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My old coat is falling apart at the seams. I really have to replace this bag - it's falling apart. Tearing and breaking into pieces. B2 If an organization , system , or agreement falls apart , it fails or stops working effectively :. The deal fell apart because of a lack of financing. Their marriage fell apart when she found out about her husband's affair.

The whole family seems to be falling apart since Daniel died. The whole apparatus of communism was already falling apart. Arsenal's defence were strong , but their midfield fell apart in the first five minutes of the match. I thought the whole meeting was going to fall apart but you rescued it like a true professional!

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Their marriage is falling apart at the seams. Failing and doing badly. After his wife died , he began to fall apart. Anxious and worried. Our furniture is falling apart. The deal fell apart because of a lack of money. Translations of fall apart in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of fall apart? Browse falconer. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

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Image credits. Word of the Day unsustainable. Something that is unsustainable cannot continue at the same rate.

About this. Blog When disaster strikes: ways of describing bad events November 20, Read More. New Words facial fingerprint. November 18, Abandoned by his former comrades, he is unsure of the whereabouts of his family.

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They will probably get worse. The vast central African country has been hit by waves of violence, rebellions, protests and political turmoil in recent months, leading to worries about a new civil war like that which killed five million people between and The president, Joseph Kabila, is desperately clinging to power as various groups and individuals use violence to gain cash, territory and support before possible elections later this year.

The humanitarian situation is dire.

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More than 13 million Congolese need humanitarian aid, twice as many as last year, and 7. Many humanitarian officials complain that global attention has been diverted to more heavily reported crises in the Middle East. More than 4. There are outbreaks of cholera. The fighting is, as Kapitu feared, getting worse.

In recent weeks, thousands of army soldiers attacked villages across the province of North Kivu, where rebel groups are based. Dozens have died in frequent ambushes and skirmishes. Though Goma, the biggest city in the east, remains calm, militias have clashed with security forces on its outskirts.

Elsewhere in the east, ethnic tensions have led to massacres. Around the town of Bunia, hundreds have died. There have been fierce battles west of the town of Masisi, as government troops attacked the base of a powerful local warlord known as General Delta.

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Among the more than 1. Hidden among the trees, the year-old watched as men were beaten and women dragged screaming into huts. Buira saw several corpses on the ground but believes her parents also fled. She is unaware of their whereabouts. The camp has no water and no food distribution since aid organisations withdrew from the region citing growing insecurity months ago. A family has allowed Buira to share their makeshift shack, but can provide little else.

It supports, among other projects, a hospital with more than beds at Masisi, where 17, people received care in , a health centre in Nyabiondo, a network of mobile clinics and a fleet of ambulances. The work is increasingly dangerous. In the last two months, MSF personnel and vehicles have been attacked five times. Logistics pose enormous challenges too. It can take an entire day to drive the 60km from Goma to Masisi on muddy dirt tracks.