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Though it is unknown when Opal first formed, it was before the beginning of the series. Amethyst and Pearl begin to quarrel, with both of them naming reasons why they never form Opal after Pearl wins checkers easily. Steven asks what Opal is, and Amethyst describes her as a tall, "stone cold betty. After a corrupted Gem , the Big Bird , swallows Pearl's spear, Amethyst and Pearl decide the situation is dire enough to fuse. They attempt to fuse. However, they initially fail.

After some acrobatics and flips, Opal sets down Steven and fires at the Corrupted Gem with her energy bow, taking it down in one shot. When Steven asks Opal if she knows who he is, she smiles and playfully quotes his song from earlier in the episode. Opal and Steven warp back to the Temple, but when Garnet asks where the Heaven Beetle is, Opal frantically says "I don't have it," before promptly unfusing.

As Peridot's hand ship approaches the Earth, Steven and Lion teleport back to the beach where Garnet and Opal are attempting to stop the ship. Opal, upon Garnet's command, shoots her arrows at the ship which have no effect. Upon seeing that Steven came back, Opal is shocked and unfuses. Pearl and Amethyst need to put the drill head on a pair of supports.

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Amethyst shapeshifts into Purple Puma to lift up the drill, but Pearl says they should be more careful. The two fuse into Opal who places the drill head on the supports. Opal's appearance briefly shocks Peridot. However, she understands Opal is present for a reason.

Opal briefly returns after her long absence, forming to support Stevonnie. However, she is quickly poofed by Yellow Diamond , resulting in Amethyst and Pearl retreating to their gems individually.

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Opal is extraordinarily agile, limber, and gracefully elegant, being able to stand on the tips of her toes constantly and execute acrobatic reflexes. Begleitschiffe, escort vessel. Begleitschutz m escort, fighter escort Avn. Begleitzettel m emergency medical tag. Begrenzungshebel m clamping lever MG.

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Begrenzungsstift m traversing stop MG. Behelf m expedient, makeshift. Behelfsgasschutz m emergency gas protection. Behelfsmaterial n emergency construction material. Behmlot n fathometer, echo depth sounder Nav ; Behm sound-ranging altimeter, sonic altimeter Ap. Beiende n warp of a rope. Beifahrer m rear rider, sidecar rider Mtcl ; assistant driver MT. Beil n ax. Beinleder npl leather puttees, leather leggins. Beisitzer m law. Beitreibungsschein m requisition receipt for civilian property. Beiwagen m sidecar Mtcl. Beiwagenkrad n sidecar motorcycle. Beiwert m coefficient. Bekleidnngsnachweis m clothing account.

Bekleidungssack m duffle bag, bar-rack s bag. Beladeplan m stowage chart for vehicle. Belag m planking Bdg ; reinforcing strap harness. Belagerungszustand m state of siege. Belastungsfaktor in load coefficient. Beleg m voucher, proof, evidence, document.

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Beleuchtungsfenster n illuminating window panoramic sight. Benzin n gasoline. Benzinkanister m gasoline container. Benzinmanometer n gasoline pressure gage. Benzinstandmesser m fuel gage. Benzol n benzol. Beobachter m observer; air observer, navigator-observer. Beobachterabzeichen n observer badge decoration.

Beobachterfernrohr n observer telescope. Beobachtersitz m observer's seat Ap.

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Beobachtungsbereich m observation area Arty. Beobachtungsfehler m personnel error. Beobachtungsfernrohr n observation telescope BC telescope. Beobachtungskorb m observer's basket captive Bin. Beobachtungsnetz n observation post system Arty. Beobachtungsoffizier m observation post officer Arty. Beobachtungsraum m " searching sector AAA ; observation area. Beobachtungsrohr n trench periscope.

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Beobachtungsstand m See Beobachtungsstelle. Beobachtungsturm m cupola Tk. Beobachtungs- und Wirkungsstreifen m sector of fire SA firing. Beobachtungswagen in' observer's car. Beobachtungswinkel m aiming point offset Arty. Beobachtung von seitlicher Beobachtungsstelle flank spotting Arty.

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Berater m adviser. Bereich m area, district, zone; range, scope. Bereitschaften fpl alerted reserve troops or police. Bereitschaftsbataillon n reserve battalion. Bereitschaftslazarett n mobile surgical unit. Bereitstellungsbefehl m assembly order.

Bereitstellungsplatz m assembly position, assembly point Tac. Bereitstellungsraum m assembly area Tac. Bergm hill, mountain collective: Gebirge n. Bergedienst m recovery service, salvage collecting service. Bergekommando n collecting unit, salvage party, recovery party.

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Bergen n recovery, salvage. Berghang m mountain slope, hillside. Bergjoch n saddle Top. Bergkammm crest Top.. Bergschuhe mpl mountain boots, ski boots. Bergstriche mpl hachures. Bergungsschiff n rescue vessel, salvage vessel. Bericht m report; communique, news dispatch. Berichter m correspondent, reporter.

Besatzung'sheer n army of occupation.

Beschlag m ferrule. Beschlagmeister m horseshoer with rank of Tech Sgt. Beschlagschmied m horseshoer. Beschlagschmiedobergefreiter m horseshoer with rank of Cpl.