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Corpus-based language studies: An advanced resource book. Meyer, Charles. English corpus linguistics: An introduction. Corpus linguistics 2nd Ed. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. First published textbook on corpus linguistics in Has a companion site here which serves as a very basic introduction to the field. A review of the first edition may be found here. Kennedy, Graeme D.

Introducing Electronic Text Analysis : A Practical Guide for Language and Literary Studies

An introduction to corpus linguistics. London: Longman. Valuable historical survey of the rise of corpora and corpus-based research, informative review of available resources and an intelligent, critical appraisal of some key research in CBL. Corpus Linguistics: Investigating language structure and use.

Cambridge: CUP. A rather programmatic introduction to corpus-based linguistics and methodological primer, presenting one particular orientation aims to be scientific and rigorous. Some bits are repetitive and some bits on factor analysis I take issue with, but, overall, cogently presented and lucidly persuasive. Lots of help with basic corpus-related statistics.

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London: Routledge. Not so much a CBL textbook as a primer on linguistic computing i. An informative but much neglected book, in my opinion. Has a companion site includes an on-line versions of the introduction. Barnbrook, Geoff.

Language and computers: A practical introduction to the computer analysis of language. Also usefully introduces basic programming techniques for linguists AWK , in particular. Simply written and handily illustrated with lots of examples.

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Other relevant titles alphabetical, by last name N. Conference proceedings are only selectively included. English corpus linguistics: Studies in honour of Jan Svartvik. Text and technology: In honour of John Sinclair. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. A Glossary of Corpus Linguistics. Using Corpora in Discourse Analysis. London: Continuum. Never goes beyond basics and stops when it would actually start to get interesting. Samples used for examplification generally far too small to represent genuine corpus linguistics work.

Meaningful texts: The extraction of semantic information from monolingual and multilingual Corpora. The common focus of all the papers is meaning, studied not only in monolingual environments, but also contrastively in multilingual contexts; largely derived from work being carried out by the partners of the TELRI projects; a survey of the current extent and depth of semantic investigation using corpora.

Longman grammar of spoken and written English. Biber, Douglas.

University language: A corpus-based study of spoken and written registers. Working with specialized language: A practical guide to using corpora. Targeted at translators, technical writers and subject specialists who are interested in a corpus-based approach to LSP Language for Special Purposes. Applying English grammar: Corpus and functional approaches.

Variation in English: Multi-dimensional studies. Harlow: Longman. I am not a big fan of the MD methodology as a whole, so cannot find much to recommend here. Deignan, Alice. Metaphor and Corpus Linguistics. Critiques, using corpus data, different ways of researching metaphor; "demonstrates the need for naturally-occurring language data to be used in the development of metaphor theory, and shows the value of corpus data and techniques in this work".

The computational analysis of English: A corpus-based approach. London: Longman one of the seminal classics in the field though obviously outdated now in terms of details. London: Longman informative book on the Lancaster approach to corpus annotations of all kinds. Corpus linguistics: Readings in a Widening Discipline. Gries, Stefan. Quantitative Corpus Linguistics with R. A review can be found here. Halliday, M. Perspectives in lexicology and corpus linguistics: An introduction. A review can be found here also here. Hockey, Susan. Electronic texts in the humanities: Principles and practice.

The book goes beyond current Internet technology to show how computers can be used not only to show electronic texts, but to manipulate and analyse them. Text, discourse and corpora: Theory and analysis. Hundt, Marianne. English mediopassive Constructions: A cognitive, corpus-based study of their origin, spread, and current status. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

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On a more abstract level, it combines the corpus-based description of mediopassive constructions with cognitive linguistic models, drawing largely on notions such as 'prototype', 'family resemblances', 'patch' and 'construction. Corpus linguistics and the Web. Kenny, Dorothy. Lexis and creativity in translation: A corpus-based study.

Manchester: St. Not reviewed yet. A Linguist List review is here. Corpus approaches to grammaticalization in English. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Twentieth-century English: History, variation and standardization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Oakes, Michael P. Statistics for corpus linguistics. Written in a rather bland, no-frills, slightly formulaic style -- turgid, but concise and informative.

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Pearson, Jennifer. Terms in context. The changing face of corpus linguistics. Publishers page here. Reppen, Randy, Fitzmaurice, Susan M. Using corpora to explore linguistic variation.

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Two major kinds of research questions are considered: variation in the use of a particular linguistic feature, and variation across dialects or registers. Roach, Peter. Computing in linguistics and phonetics: Introductory readings. London: Academic Press.