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At the end of the working day, she would then drive Tracy home and cook for him.

An added inducement to do the film was the fact that Cukor agreed to direct. Spencer Tracy plays a journalist who sets out to write the biography of Robert Foster, a leader he admired. Made during a period of undercover Fascism in the U.

KEEPER OF THE FLAME - Kensa, Apoc and Sak Maestro

Considering that the book was portentous, the unfolding of the mystery in the first part was good filmmaking. Cukor managed to conceal the fraudulent story in the first sequences, but then the movie resorted to the melodramatics of a fire, chase, and a noble death. Keeper of the Flame was the first, possibly the weakest, movie Tracy made with Cukor.

Keeper of the Flame

Tracy actually gave a monotonous performance, though Cukor praised him for playing a difficult part. Wycherly played the madness scenes so well that the viewers almost forgot the melodramatic trappings.

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Dank Spores. Glaive Berries.

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