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In other words: none of my doming staples.

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I have to get creative instead. When they finally escape the office for the day, I text them some instructions. Grapes of at least two different colors, strawberries, and pineapple slices. We eat dinner and watch some Master Chef to wind down.

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I ask Buster to make us a fruit salad according to my specifications slice the strawberries into halves, section the pineapple rings into smaller squares , and while they do that I take a quick shower to give myself time to get into domspace. Buster strips when I get out. I blindfold them and then have them get down on their knees with their hands behind their back. So I shove the back of their head, forcing them lower, and buckle our choke collar around their throat.

Their mouth twitches into a hesitant, slightly self-deprecating smile.

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The grapes — both green and purple — are delicious. Each one snaps crisply between my teeth as I take my time sampling the fruit, licking the juice from my fingers and surveying Buster appraisingly as I make them wait. I really feel indulged now, but in a decadent way. This rare treat tastes so sweet, and Buster looks enticingly unsubby and handsome kneeling in front of me, leash dangling between their heavy breasts. When I have my fill, I move the bowl to the floor and tip their chin up. Buster licks my thumbprint, smiling. Usually that weight intoxicates me; today it makes me want to kick their ass.

I hit them harder, smacking the fullness of their breasts and pinching their nipples to address the subtle dissonance between us. Buster winces with every spark of pain, but that fucking smile creeps back between blows. I smirk as their grin goes slack. Buster shuffles backwards, awkward with their arms still behind their back, and leans down in search of the bowl.

So I would make a reservation and ask them to fax it to me. Then the next day I would take the fax and cancel the reservation. I needed someone to talk to at midnight. The number was open. His understanding was that fraudulent behavior was limited to giving the AAirpass to someone else — which he never did. I still have never ever ever booked any reservation online.

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  6. I always use the phone. So their own agents never stopped me from anything. Real depression. On his iPad, he FaceTimes me from his hotel room.

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    It took away my hobby. I thought that I could go to Sweden for the weekend in July and pick up flowers when I was They stole the very thing that caused me to give them a half a million dollars in the first place. And a half a million dollars is probably like 5 million dollars today. And they did it maliciously. So maybe someplace in between. Or maybe my mind goes back and forth. Of course, racial and class privilege, body ability, access to health care and support, and other privileges obviously play a massive role.

    4.5 out of 5 stars.

    But the inside spectacle of pain is traumatic across the board. So it was a huge loss, and it was shitty timing because it gave our family an opportunity to still travel, to find the joy in travel. Hong Kong. New York. We inherit things from our kin. As an internationally touring poet, performer and educator, when I am on tour, I am alive.

    September | | Michele Zurlo

    I know how to operate an airport or bus terminal or Amtrak station or a rental car. Natalie does too. People have come to me about their hatred or fear of flying. A certain amount of time in the sky that belongs only to you. Regardless of your seat. Of course, I recognize that because I was socialized to fly in first class, my feelings about travel are biased.

    Even though I fly economy now, even though my eyes can tell the difference, somehow my body does not. I am in the air.

    I am free above the world. My best friend, Chloe, recently asked me what my favorite airline is, given all the travel I do. I feel nostalgia. Fargo is on my bucket list! I am yelping at this point. Literally hitting my leg and chair audibly. Suddenly, I feel like Dad must have felt talking to her — laughing, joking, dreaming up trips.

    Some people inherit money.

    Leave me Breathless

    Or trauma. A host of other things. I thank her and wish her a beautiful day. From a near-death experience that shook a family to its core to a shocking proposition in a therapist's office, Believable explores how our stories define who we are. I n each episode of Believable , we dive into a personal, eye-opening story where narratives conflict, and different perspectives about the truth collide. These are complex and suspenseful audio stories that expand to say something larger about the role of narrative and identity in our lives. Episode 1 of Believable , which is now live, is about a woman who bounced around state institutions and foster homes as a child, always wishing for the family she never had.

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    Until one day she finally gets what she asked for — and then some. How a brilliant scientist went from discovering a mother lode of treasure at the bottom of the sea to fleeing from authorities with suitcases full of cash. Thompson had long insisted that he suffers from neurological problems and chronic fatigue syndrome, which impairs his memory, and that his meandering explanations were a symptom of the distress foisted upon him. Thompson was genuinely sickened and overwhelmed, however, and he found it extremely frustrating that nobody seemed to take his condition seriously.

    In the 30 years since, the weight of the find had upended partnerships, ended his marriage, and set loose the specter of greed.