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Yahrtzeit Lookup. Popular Tools:. Shabbat Times. Email Subscriptions. More Sites Today is Fri. Jewish Practice. Never Judge by Appearances. David facing a mocking Goliath. Ilya Repin, I Samuel II Samuel II Samuel 6. Sanhedrin 6b. I Kings Ethics By Menachem Posner. Rabbi Menachem Posner serves as staff editor at Chabad.

He has been writing, researching, and editing for Chabad. He resides in Chicago, Ill. Sefira Ross is a freelance designer and illustrator whose original creations grace many Chabad. Residing in Seattle, Washington, her days are spent between multitasking illustrations and being a mom. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with Chabad. You may also be interested in Rise of David.

King David. The Story of King David in the Bible. King David: Early Reign. Watch 4 Comments. Join the Discussion Sort By:. Newest Oldest. Post Anonymously. Email me when new comments are posted.

Please send me Chabad. We will not share your email address. Posting Guidelines. JDV Township of Washington via chabadhackensack. Anonymous March 24, Anonymous Buenos Aires Argentina September 17, Jewish History. Timeline of Jewish History.

David: A Historical Backdrop

History of the Jewish People. Stories From the Bible. She explored the Garden, dialogued with a serpent, decided on the forbidden fruit, and liked it enough to share the experience with Adam.

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She teaches us to weigh our choices carefully, tempering our desires with wisdom. Genesis and After God promised He would make of Abram a great nation, Sarai, past childbearing age, suggested he impregnate her maid Hagar. Be careful what you ask for. Once Hagar was pregnant, Sarai regretted her scheme, and heaped so much abuse on Hagar that the weary woman fled.

God has answered you. If you are disenfranchised, despised, or despairing, listen for the voices of angels. You may find your courage is only a prayer away. As shrewd as she was gorgeous Rahab knew an opportunity when she saw one. Lest you think her actions were manipulative, consider how offering assistance to the spies put her own life in peril. But Rahab recognized the divine favor that rested upon the men. She boldly asked for and received what she desired.

Rahab teaches us to use our wiles effectively and with great love. After all, the life you save may be your own. In a time in which it was improper for a woman to be alone in a house with a man, Deborah sat outside beneath a palm tree and judged Israel. After 20 years of oppression, it was she who summoned the military general Barak to take ten thousand soldiers and storm Mt. Tabor against their enemy Sisera.

What are your thoughts about Bathsheba?

See Jael. Deborah inspires us to trust our wisdom and instincts and to humbly accept the credit due us. A canticle Judges 5 is dedicated to her bravery. Her example admonishes us to always remember and respect the power of a woman.

Life Lessons from Bathsheba

Judges and 5: 6, She sheltered Sisera, hid him, gave him milk when he asked for water, and comforted him until he slept. Their names say it all. Naomi, also a widow, was exiled from Moab because of a famine and had returned to Bethlehem after the death of her sons. Naomi hatched a successful plan to bring her kinsman, Boaz, and Ruth together. The couple later had a son, Obed, the grandfather of David.

Beautiful Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, bathed on her rooftop while the king of Israel watched in secret. Do NOT take upon yourself guilt that is not your own! When someone does something to you, do not help them to hide their sin.

encouraging young girls to build their lives on the solid foundation of God's Word

Their shame is NOT your shame. Do not listen to the lies that tell you otherwise. God has provided leadership, husbands, fathers, and government to uphold the righteous and to punish the evildoer Rom. When someone around you sins against you, go to a good man and shine light into the darkness by telling the truth.

As we have seen with all of the women we have studied, you have a choice as to how you will behave.

Lessons from Bathsheba - The Diligent Woman

You cannot control the behavior of others. God is just — He holds each of us accountable for our own actions Phil. Bathsheba is blessed by getting another son, Solomon. The next time we see her is in 1 Kings David is old. His son, Adonijah 2 Sam. The prophet Nathan goes to Bathsheba and sends her to remind David of the promise he made to her, that Solomon would be king after him 1 Chron. David again makes his promise that Solomon will be king to Bathsheba in front of Nathan 1 Kings In 1 Kings 2, after the death of David, Adonijah comes to Bathsheba and asks that she request that the woman who cared for David in his final days be given to Adonijah for a wife.

Adonijah believes that Solomon will not refuse anything his mother asks 1 Ki. Bathsheba agrees. Bathsheba goes to see her son, King Solomon.

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