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This is longing on a supernatural scale, and Tyler holds her own against the thundering arrangement as she roars out some of the least quiet desperation ever known to pop music. Adam Feldman. By , the ageing art-rockers should not have sounded so heavenly: Brian Eno was long gone, as was the drummer.

Whittled down to a trio, Roxy smuggled their art rock pedigree into penthouses, dressing brainy prog in a tuxedo, and the result is just gorgeous. It feels like a spa day after a rough break-up, condensed into four minutes. A New Order single is like if architecture was flush with hormones. The lyrics pour out in a nervy jumble of apocalyptic imagery, military danger and mass-media frenzy, with pointed name-drops of pop-culture figures Lenny Bruce, Leonid Brezhnev, Leonard Bernstein, Lester Bangs united only by their initials.

But its cut-through-the-chaos message still connects with anyone aiming to clear out a polluted stream of consciousness. Oliver Keens. Fine Young Cannibals were so much weirder and cooler than you remember. The trio, a splinter off The Beat, had their roots in ska, but over two albums they chiselled a new pop sound that would echo onward from Massive Attack to TV On The Radio. Michael produced the track himself with micromanaged minimalism. The guitar, claps and drums are so closely microphoned and clipped that the acoustic instruments pop and lock like the best electronic dance music.

The hermetically sealed precision makes for surprising sexual tension. A firm salute, please, for veteran rock chick Pat Benatar, who commanded the airwaves with a take-charge attitude, a spandex wardrobe and the voice to back up both of them. In , Tina Turner was 44 years old and on the comeback trail. The video found her strutting around New York City in a denim jacket, leather miniskirt and feather-duster hair — a bruised but defiantly happy paragon of independence.

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  4. International and Regional Politics/Developments.

Strap in as primo belter Khan harnesses her most primal instincts and delivers a fierce clinic on diva ad libbing. As the s turned in to the s, punks and rockers and there was a difference then both became enamoured with the sounds coming out of New York City. Even the Stones went disco and dabbled with rap. But no guitar act better assimilated hip hop than The Clash, probably because they had so much practice sponging up dub. And that bit that sounds like made-up gibberish? It is. Richie attempted to find some suitable foreign phrases but got impatient and invented his own international party language.

Toto was a collection of studio ringers with credits on Steely Dan and Boz Scaggs records. Thankfully, the lotion-slick groove reeks more of coconuts than crisp money. The rest is karaoke history, baby. Tristan Parker. When she strode on the scene in , Neneh Cherry was one of those pop stars who made you do a double take — what the? The stepdaughter of jazz musician Don Cherry, Neneh was raised in Stockholm, New York and London, which explains her deliciously odd accent and assured street smarts.

Bush was discovered when barely into her teens, knocking out genius tunes on a piano in her cosy Kent home. But her aching sensuality allowed her strangeness to connect with a mass audience. Few songs from the era are so rich and perfect. Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr was allegedly spurred to write the music for this upbeat single after jealously eyeing the radio success of labelmates Aztec Camera. Complexity, be damned! Sometimes all you really need for a truly memorable hit is economy — as proved by this stone-cold classic from Years after its release, she said that she felt like a dork singing it.

As a cocksure teenager, Prince passed on four major-label record deals, demanding artistic autonomy until Warner Bros granted it. And yet the sharp crack of a proverbial whip yielded some stunning results in We defy your feet to stay on the floor as that cyclical, cynical, irresistible chorus hurtles on.

Serving up a heady, otherworldly mixture of Afrobeat, funk, pop, rock, disco and psychedelia, this existential anthem is huge enough to stuck around for over 30 years — as strange as it ever was. In , Whitney was still a fresh-faced siren with a crystal-clear voice and a world of possibilities at her feet. Her approach to this song — which, when you break it down, is more about loneliness than love — says a lot about her ability to radiate warmth and positivity through her singular sound.

Always a roof-igniting party starter, the song become a bittersweet rallying cry in the years since her death. Sophie began to read. Dear Sophie, Lots of people have hobbies. Some people collect old coins or foreign stamps, some do needlework, others spend most of their spare time on a particular sport. But reading tastes differ widely. Some people only read newspapers or comics, some like reading novels, while others prefer books on astronomy, wildlife, or technological discoveries.

If I happen to be interested in horses or precious stones, I cannot expect everyone else to share my enthusiasm. If I watch all the sports programs on TV with great pleasure, I must put up with the fact that other people find sports boring.

Is there nothing that interests us all? Is there nothing that concerns everyone — no matter who they are or where they live in the world? Yes, dear Sophie, there are questions that certainly should interest everyone.

The Sound And The Fury

They are precisely the questions this course is about. What is the most important thing in life? If we ask someone living on the edge of starvation, the answer is food.

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If we ask someone dying of cold, the answer is warmth. If we put the same question to someone who feels lonely and isolated, the answer will probably be the company of other people. But when these basic needs have been satisfied — will there still be something that everybody needs? Philosophers think so. They believe that man cannot live by bread alone. Of course everyone needs food. And everyone needs love and care.

But there is something else — apart from that — which everyone needs, and that is to figure out who we are and why we are here. People who ask such questions are taking part in a debate that has gone on as long as man has lived on this planet. How the universe, the earth, and life came into being is a bigger and more important question than who won the most gold medals in the last Olympics.

The best way of approaching philosophy is to ask a few philosophical questions: How was the world created? Is there any will or meaning behind what happens? Is there a life after death? How can we answer these questions?

Nigel Godrich

And most important, how ought we to live? People have been asking these questions throughout the ages.

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We know of no culture which has not concerned itself with what man is and where the world came from. Basically there are not many philosophical questions to ask. We have already asked some of the most important ones. But history presents us with many different answers to each question. So it is easier to ask philosophical questions than to answer them. Today as well each individual has to discover his own answer to these same questions.