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He hopes his memoir will be a guide to young people seeking a path in life and not knowing which way to turn.

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His stories are not only told with humour, but with heartfelt honesty, so "plunge" right in! About the Author: Kevin W. Batch owns his own plumbing, heating and gas company in Vancouver, British Columbia. After downing a few beers with a customer, he told some stories about his plumbing exploits, and the rest is history.

Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. She repeated her performance for the next two years. Mountain biking—and downhill in particular—remains overrun by bros. The International Mountain Bike Association reports that just 13 percent of its members are women. Men outnumber women three to one on the pro downhill circuit.

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Atherton has done more than any rider in recent history to inspire women, especially Brits, to don a full-face helmet. Counting her, three of the top five female riders hail from the United Kingdom, notable considering there are only two lift-served mountain bike parks in the whole country. Through the Atherton Academy, Rachel has helped support Mille Johnset, a year-old Norwegian rider , and she has gotten sponsors from Trek to Oakley to donate gear to women who podium at the British Downhill Series.

Yet as the number of women in the sport is increasing, bike manufacturers are showing new interest in attracting female riders. This in turn has suddenly made Rachel the most marketable star in the Atherton family. Women athletes face different pressures than men, she says.

And while Gee had no qualms about taking off his clothes for Cosmopolitan magazine , the request to pose nude felt more loaded to her. Atherton says the greatest sexism she has faced has come from the media, but the birth of social media has helped leveled the playing field. Actually, hers is bigger. Their decision to brand themselves as a family contributed to each becoming bankable celebrities. But before they got there, they first had to figure out how to get along as professionals and as siblings. In , the Atherton clan was still living with their mother, who cooked and cleaned for them.

Between their race schedules, filming projects, and a string of bike-related injuries, the situation was chaos. Andrea finally reached her breaking point after a scare during a night filming project when she mistakenly thought Dan had crashed again. By the time Andrea moved out, in , the Athertons realized they had to start professionalizing their brand. They hired Dan Brown, an old friend, to be the team director. Red Bull supports marquee family events, such as the Foxhunt and Hardline, a downhill competition that Dan runs. When they were at home, they fought over household chores.

Gee could be anal. He thrived on precision and order. Rachel, by contrast, would show up at a race with stinky shorts. Once, at the last minute, Rachel discovered that her dog had chewed up her goggles. In , Atherton moved out, a choice to which she credits, at least in part, her record-breaking winning streak over the past two years. To me, simple and simplicity tends to be found in shit that most people would think has nothing to do with simple:.

Gathering up disparate pieces of information and figuring out how to make them whole in a way that. She let her writing express elemental forces and primeval fears.

Shit Rolls Downhill

In doing so, she laid bare the contradictions that tore apart appearance and hinted at some of the tensions hovering just beneath the surface of the American way of life. I used the quote because far too many people think simplicity is about stripping away things to showcase the core instead maybe they should be thinking about stripping away the veneer so that the truth can be laid bare. You either:. Simple stimuli are just as likely to confuse. Provide ambiguity. Our minds are like real estate. That means where the rubber hits the road with regard to being simple and simplicity is that it must create some connection with whomever is touching that simplicity.

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I will end with Chopin. Chopin is one of my favorite classical composers. I seriously doubt anyone who has ever looked at any of his sheet music would suggest his music was not complex. And, yet, close your eyes and listen … it contains a simplicity that connects. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art. All I know is that we have totally fucked up the idea of simplicity to a point where simple, or simplicity, is more a myth than reality.

This myth has hollowed us out — hollowed our thinking, our communication and our culture.

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There is no simple solution to complexity, but I would suggest that the beauty can be found in the breakdown of the complex to its simplest form. The balancing act was trickier than I thought. We are, in our minds, doing a decent job day to day. Some days better than others but overall decent. Is it instead simply used to make someone work harder for goals? Just do your best as parents and your kids should turn out okay. I get confused.

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No ifs, and or buts. Bottom line the absolute best you can do.

Shit rolls downhill.

Unfortunately it is not that simple. Under the harshest spotlight you would never truly, in your heart of hearts, judge this as really your best. And this next thought I know I am guilty of. You know you could do more if the measure is truly our best. And, frankly, if you try to do this you only put yourself under unbearable pressure aiming to be the perfect version of who you are. Honestly, inevitably, this quest can only bring disappointment … because not only is being perfect an impossible task but it becomes exponentially more impossible ok … how can something that is already impossible become exponentially so?

Someone can waste far too much time and energy trying to be the perfect whatever. Here is some news.

Here is the fact. Because doing your best is about … good enough that you can actually do … not perfection. And realizing that making use of what is not is often doing your best.