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We will deepen our ability to saturate ourselves with bliss at will, so that we may be better able to abundantly and honestly manifest our own dreams into physical reality. Infinite co-creators, it is time to leave our differences behind and form a web so strong that it becomes impenetrable by those who would like to keep humanity asleep for their own entertainment.

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Let us wash over this planet of ignorance with a clarity in our hearts that will cleanse this world of its delusions and spoon-fed sedatives. Let us become a black hole in the fabric of this man-made matrix of slavery; let us become a tear in the veil of the illusion of separation and victimization; and above all, let us march steadily onwards as a unified community of blissful creators--with humility, confidence and love ever present in our hearts--so that we may continue to accelerate the transformation of this planet into its purest form. Together we CAN do this. Join me, if you are ready, and help me unify the awakened ones around the world while clarifying our duties.

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In addition to Bentinho's powerfully guided sessions, we will hold workshops at this retreat that will give you the ability to contribute your ideas and visions; to add your vibrational influence to the forming of an Enlightened Alliance for Global Awakening. Geat beyond Death.

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Truth is His Name. Deathless Image of God. Great Beyond Words is this Wisdom.

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  • This mantra captures the frequency of the Aquarian Age as we cross the threshold into it. The mantra helps us to establish ourselves outside the change of time as deathless beings. We are timeless.

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    Everything we do is from the timeless space of the soul. Produced by Jamshied Sharifi. Info Where to Buy Video Lyrics. Tommy Rosen Review by Tommy Rosen.

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    Where to Buy. Aad Gurey Nameh — protection Har Har Mukanday — liberation Sat Gur Prasad — the blessing of life Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnaee — taking refuge Guru Ram Das ever protect me and take me into his sanctuary.

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    Although no work had started on the National Peace Garden for many years, the decision still prompted the eventual sale of the sculpture by its owner, The Sculpture Foundation. At the National Harbor development, the sculpture was installed on a specially built beach along the Potomac River.

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    The installation of the sculpture in Chesterfield was commissioned by Chesterfield Arts, which is a non-profit arts organization supporting public art and the visual, performing and literary arts in Chesterfield and the West County. The sculpture while at Hains Point is the centerpiece of a scene in the film Shadow Conspiracy , with the actors moving among the pieces.

    In the video game Primordia it has been the inspiration for the design of the buried-under-the-sands robot Goliath, which came out from a childhood experience of Mark Yohalem. In the Orson Scott Card book Empire the statue is mentioned several times and is the first meeting point for two of the main characters.

    In an early scene in the film The Net , a congressman commits suicide on a park bench overlooking the sculpture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.