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The High Representative and her delegation had the opportunity to appraise the development achieved in the restoration work of the 17th century convent, which had been in a severe state of deterioration. The convent of Santa Clara is one of the sites that benefit from the Transcultura project, which builds bridges across the peoples and cultures in Cuba and the Caribbean and the European Union through culture and creativity.

In particular, targeting youth from all the linguistic areas of the Caribbean region, the program will improve skills and expand opportunities of cultural professionals through people-to-people exchanges and knowledge transfer between Cuba, the region and the EU.

For a moment she enjoyed the attention of someone, anyone, staring at her.

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But she barely knew this boy. She started to feel a little unnerved that this strange child was staring at her without saying anything. She was leaning slightly on the railing. She knew that if she tilted her head just a little, her long hair would fall down her shoulders.

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But since he was already so besotted, that would almost be cruel. She thought it would be wonderful to go anywhere she wished: not just Araby but anywhere other than the convent. Siobhan turned away and walked back inside. She wondered why he was so intent on getting her a present. Why would she want something from him if she barely knew him?

A present was no replacement for going to Araby herself. In any case, there was probably nothing special at Araby. Margaret could be a terrible liar. What if there was no dramatic escape in her future?

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Siobhan wondered. What if she would never see the distant regions of the world, and no one would ever sweep her off her feet? Maybe her only choices were becoming exhausted and overwhelmed, like her own mother, or going into the convent for good. But how could she give up the possibility of marriage without even knowing what she was missing?

She wanted to be part of the world, not retreat from it.

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Did she have to stay in the same squalid, gloomy world where she had grown up? For now she could daydream, but soon she would have to make a decision about the rest of her life.

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She joined the convent when she was 13 and is now in her 80s. In I met Sister Martha, a Colombian nun in her 40s who was staying in Rome while awaiting her new documents to move to Albania, after more than 20 years of living in the Ravasco convent in Colombia. Martha was worried as she could not speak Albanian and she knew she would have to pass through a process of integration.

An intense moment of prayer with Catholic devotees and nuns from across the world. I wanted to understand the different activities the nuns performed beyond prayer and how their typical day was shaped. They would wake up, pray and then begin their individual routines. Everyone within the community has a specific role.

There is a nun responsible for the garden, one who takes care of the expenses and the administrative issues, one who is in charge of the laundry. The nuns would take time each day to ensure they have performed their particular individual role, while also performing their daily communal activities. On Mondays they go to feed the poor, every Thursday they all meet for a discussion, and so on. From time to time, they also join religious events, both nationally and abroad.

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Francesca was one of the youngest nuns inside the community. In , she abandoned the community to return to a secular life. Sometimes they practise sports together or with other people related to the church.

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In , the nuns attended World Youth Week, a festival for young people organised by the Catholic church that takes place every two to three years. They were excited by the idea of travelling outside Italy and meeting people from all over the world. That year the festival took place in Poland and more than 3 millions pilgrims celebrated the event.