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Journeys to a Generative Economy. Market and Society. The Great Transformation Today. The solidarity economy: an alternative development strategy? Eric Dacheux , Daniel Goujon , March The Social Economy International. Perspectives on Economic Solidarity. Pluralism in economics teaching — Why and how? Doing Community Economic Development. Transcending Neoliberalism. Community-Based Development in Latin America. What is Social and Solidarity Economy?

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Social and solidarity economy SSE - key sector for a sustainable urban development. Practical Impact of Social and Solidarity Economy. Day 1 Dr. Benjamin R.

Rethinking Procurement in the Era of Globalization

Quinones, Jr. Day 1 Mr. How to talk about the societies we want in Europe — a guide. Social Solidarity Economy Values and Principles. Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e. T-kit Sustainability and youth work. Council of Europe European Union. Edited by Ellie Keen , June Amani Kibera, community youth action network on Education. Game: Manage an organisation and through the game, discover the values and competencies required in the Social and Solidarity Economy.

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Social and Solidarity Economy Handbook. This proposals paper is a synopsis of the work of the Solidarity Economy Workshop.

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Hundreds of alternative initiatives In India. Integrated social reconstruction homes in Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. Securing land rights and security of tenure post Land Reform in Zimbabwe. International Newsletter of Sustainable Local Development. Solidarity Oxford. Mapping the Solidarity Economy in Oxford. Solidarity Economy Association.

Rethinking Capitalism: From Ineffective to Effective ‘Alternative’ Solutions to Climate Crisis

The social and solidarity economy in the age of decent work. Social Enterprise: What the U.

Community economic development: lessons from two years action research. Solidarity: the egalitarian tensions of a bridge-concept. David Barkin , Blanca Lemus , Bryn Gay , Chatrini Weeratunge , May As companies look beyond short-term costs and the scope of procurement-related issues has grown, procurement professionals are paying more attention not just to what they spend on goods and services but to the broader costs of operating, maintaining and replacing the items and resources they purchase over time. There are two main reasons for this. The financial benefits of a favorable procurement deal often extend beyond the initial purchase price to other aspects of performance for example, improved working capital or reduced financing costs , so there is more than one bottom line to consider.

Second, the line between the responsibilities of procurement and those of other stakeholders can be ambiguous. The result: Procurement often shares whatever successes it achieves with other groups; in failure, however, it typically gets all the blame. The need to place procurement in a broader strategic context has become all the more pressing in the current era of increasing globalization. Global sourcing links procurement decisions to strategic decisions.

Challenges: Globalisation and ageing populations

However, other important decisions such as where to buy, from whom and under what conditions are usually handled by procurement professionals. The reality is that these decisions are no longer based entirely on an understanding of direct purchase costs or on easily observable transaction costs, such as transport expenses and import duties, but on many other types of transaction costs as well, including those related to cultural, institutional and political differences.

In this article, we will explore the role of these other transaction costs in sourcing decisions and offer a new framework for evaluating costs associated with sourcing and procurement in an increasingly globalized market. Sign in , buy as a PDF or create an account.

Ronald Coase, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize for economics in , introduced the concept of transaction costs in economic theory: See R. All rights reserved.