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After so long, here am I again, with the next part of my crossover challenges. This is the second series of one shot. As for the first series, this one is a compilation of one-shot, from the same universe. For: crossovers Prompt: to see in each chapter Disclaimer: The characters are the property of their respective creator. I own nothing.

Squint (strabismus)

It would make me very happy: lol! I just love this pairing so much but there doesn't seem to be enough fanfic out there for them and I just have all these Ideas that I have no time to write. So if anyone is interested just comment or message me and and I'll explain what my idea is and you can decide if it is something that you would be interested in writing. I really hope somebody picks it up :D TY!!!

Chapter One Collapse. Disclaimer : I do not own Bones.

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No infringement intended. Chapter 1 Chapter 2. A remix of this fanmix. This goes out to the two and a half other people in the entire world that ship this. But whatever. Hi all!

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I'm posting on a few of these Bones fan communities; I'm looking for a little insight. I'm a Bones fan and a fanfiction writer. My favourite character was Zack Addy, and I was very upset when he was cut from the show. I know that many other people were too.

Slashing The Squints — LiveJournal

Because of this, I'm thinking of setting up a 'Zack-Addy-Comes-Back' themed ficathon, and I was wondering how many writers here would be interested in taking part, and how many readers would like to see it. I don't want to set this up if nobody is interested in taking part, so I'd really appreciate any feedback you could give me.

Thanks everyone, J xxx. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. I own nothing Complete story Prompt Table. Slashing The Squints It's in the subtext under all that het -- it doesn't mean it's not happening -- you just haven't seen it yet. Look closer. Squint, also known as strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not align properly, one of them turns inwards, upwards, downwards, or outwards while the other one focuses at one spot.

Typically, the extraocular muscles are not working in coordination, resulting in each eye unable to gaze at the same spot at the same time. If both eyes are not completely aligned, binocular vision is not possible, making it harder for the person to appreciate depth perception.

Strabismus can also be caused by a disorder in the brain which cannot coordinate the eyes correctly. Squints are sometimes identified in infants a few days after they are born. People can also have intermittent or latent squint which is known as phoria. The earlier in life a squint can be identified and treated, the more effective that treatment is likely to be.

Squint, if left untreated, can eventually develop into lazy eye amblyopia , in which the brain starts ignoring input from one of the eyes. The brain ignores one of the eyes to avoid double vision.

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  6. Sometimes a squint comes back later in adulthood, even though it had been successfully treated when the patient was a child. In such cases the adult may have double vision, because by that time the brain is trained to gather data from both eyes, it cannot ignore one of them. The sign of squint is fairly obvious — one of the eyes does not look straight ahead, but veers.

    Types of squints:

    Some people may have minor squints that are less noticeable. Infants newborns may go cross-eyed, especially if they are tired. This does not mean they have a squint. Concerned parents should check with their doctor. Check with your doctor. Parent should bring their children for routine eye check-ups at birth, 6 months and at 3 years so that squint can be diagnosed easily. The Hirschberg test, also known as the Hirschberg corneal reflex test is used to assess whether the patient has strabismus.

    In a person with well-aligned eyes, the light goes to the center of both corneas. If it does not, the tester can determine whether the patient has exotropia, hypertropia, esotropia or hypotropia. A diagnosed squint needs prompt treatment; otherwise there is a serious risk of complications, such as amblyopia lazy eye.

    The Squints

    The younger the patient is, the more effective treatment is likely to be. The aim of surgery is to give well aligned eyes, capable of working together with binocular vision and often stereo vision, and if the child needed glasses before the operation they will still be required afterwards and some children are given glasses only after surgery. To ensure good results of surgery you must always assume that your child should keep wearing glasses.

    Thus after surgery the eyes should be well aligned with glasses on, but will often have a turn if they are off. In children with misaligned eyes some neurological deficit might be present because of which even after surgical correction the eyes might not align completely. This may require another surgery at a later stage. In some children the neurological pathways may respond very well to surgery initially with the both eyes working together.