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Today we have ADHD, anxiety, autoimmune problems, celiac, dementia and depression for just the short list before we get to CVD, diabetes, and intractable obesity. You try something ELSE. LR—-the first law of thermodynamics is out of date. OK, professor, you are the expert.

You good now?? Sarcasm aside, have you read Gary Taubes analysis why the first law of thermodynamics is not applicable to getting fat? Similarly if your wight is stable and you eat more or less than you will gain or lose weight.


I think excercise fails for weight loss because I can go walk for an hour and a half and still burn less calories than a snickers bar. Not promoting this or validating it I have no need but I would like to know what you think?

Healing the Disconnect and Starting a Revolution: Eating Disorders and Disability

These people say they are successfully treating they say curing which I think is wrong teminology Type 2 with this diet. Before insulin. Curious to know what you think Rose and Gardner. The low carb diet has been around for a while, it once was the Atkins diet now resurrected as the keto diet.

New money to be made by the diet charlatans. To lose weight, any diet will work. The challenge is keeping it off.

External Body Image Triggers and Remembering We Have all the Tools

This is where most people fail. Following a diet that deprives you of entire food groups and forces you to eat differently from what you enjoy is not going to be easy to follow for a life time. Better to learn portion control—- eat whatever you like, just half as much, and exercise. The concept is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That is indeed difficult when sugar is addictive, but so is portion control. Go home and eat a diet very low under 20 grams of digestible carb daily for 3 months. Fast some, too. Frightening what happened to him in, and ironically on the same amount of calories.

Since the speech in question was at St. Olaf college in Minnesota, a little Nordic humor in the form of a very relevant Ole and Lena story:. I recommend you start walking 10 miles per day for a week and then call me to let me know how it is going. Ole agrees and one week later calls the doctor as prescribed.

I meant it metaphorically, but then unfortunately thought of Monsieur Creosote. But:- I will not Google Monsieur Creosote again. And neither should anyone else.

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I will not link to the YouTube Monsieur Creosote video. Monsieur who? That scene was the most disgusting thing I ever saw or ever expect to see outside of a war zone.

Just thinking about it makes me want to. Since health is a social construct and blood pressure is caused by weight stigma, she should stop taking meds and move to a deserted island. If health is socially constructed, so is death. If death is socially constructed, everything is, including matter itself. This is a useful reductio of Postmodernism. Good work Sonalee. We are entering an age where science is being replaced by ideology and truth is being sacrificed for wokeness and the very institutions which were once the custodians of knowledge have traded it in for fashion.

The end of this is not good for anyone. And suckers are lining up to pay her. There is a real cost to obesity just like other diseases of impulse control. Our bodies, when they are young will resist the effects but as we age the behavior takes its toll. Think of the monetary cost of obesity in lost productivity, medical care and disability.

Life is a difficult road. Kind of fascinating that the racist revenge-cum-blame-shift psychotic fantasies of the mentally ill are being given such coverage. But certainly not healthy, in any way, shape less or de form. And North America wonders why it is having problems in colleges with deranged PC madness…. And her complete rejection of science, health research, and reality in favor of her personal or faux delusions or griftering. Why should I empathise for somebody that hates me because of the colour of my skin and blames white people for all her problems?

Why should I empathise with somebody spreading dangerous, deluded nonsense, and being paid large sums of money by idiot institutions to help drag us back into the dark ages? Why should I empathise with somebody who most certainly would not empathise with me for one second? Meat was practically only on Sundays, together with potatoes, onions, and apple mush. Children would get carrots from the soup in which meat was cooked. Otherwise, lunch was e. Often potatoes or buckwheat meal with eggs or milk. Information for carbohydrate haters: Try getting fat on starch in pearled barley, lentils, chickpeas or beans!

Starch in these foods as long as they are not overcooked is digested very slowly! These foods are filling and it is hard to overeat. Most farms had fruit trees, and certain varieties of apples kept until spring in the cellar. Green salad, red beets etc. The butcher family was the only one with plump but not overweight individuals in the village. There was a lot of manual labour in the village, of course, and we all had to walk a lot.

Back in town: in school , the only plump child in the class was slightly mocked, but did not mind it and was completely accepted. Of course oils and fats were relatively expensive, butter was luxury. Bread had a thick crust, slightly brown colour, and had to be chewed. In Central and Southern Europe a lot of this cooking tradition survives, even as meat consumption increased and the terrible highly processed US-origin foods are creeping in. Obesity is consequently much less common as in the US. Many do not mind soaking dry beans overnight and cooking them for an hour or two next day… The result is not the same as the autoclave cooked canned beans with inevitable additives!

A British doctor surveyed diabetics in Sarajevo during the last war.

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On average, their blood sugar values went down, in spite of the stress and horrors of the siege. Less food, more walking…. In any case, to think that you can be fat and healthy is beyond naive. If you are fat, you have a world of pain in store as you move into middle age and beyond.